Latest Entefy patent adds adaptive privacy controls to digital communication

New technology enables on-the-fly encryption and privacy controls that persist for the life of a message

PALO ALTO, Calif. June 13, 2018. Entefy Inc. has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent No. 9,985,933 describes a “System and method of sending and receiving secret message content over a network.” The newly patented technology enables novel ways of embedding user-controlled privacy protection into messages and their attachments.

This latest Entefy patent is related to the company’s Adaptive Privacy Controls (APC) solution, a game-changer for individuals and organizations requiring message-by-message control over their digital communications and shareable assets. APC works independently of the underlying messaging protocol (e.g. email or text) and persists through forwarding, separating, or even copying file attachments from the original message.

“Email and digital messaging in general have become ubiquitous technologies despite never having solved fundamental issues of privacy, security, and data ownership,” said Entefy’s CEO, Alston Ghafourifar. “Entefy’s latest patent is a game-changer that allows message senders to transmit confidential or otherwise private information with the assurance that only designated recipients will have access. That’s even if a message is forwarded to a new recipient or its attachments are saved locally. It puts you in charge of the information you share with others.”

Entefy recently revealed its suite of machine intelligence solutions in conjunction with the launch of its new website. Today’s news is the latest in a series of patent issuance announcements, including an Entefy patent that enhances intelligent message delivery and a patent covering encrypted group messaging simultaneously across multiple protocols. To date, the company has a combined 48 filed and issued patents in AI, communication, search, blockchain, data privacy, and cybersecurity.


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