Introducing the 1st all-in-one technology subscription to power the intelligent enterprise with Analytical AI, Generative AI, and Hyperautomation.

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SMEs to $100B+ Companies

Entefy customers include U.S./global private and public companies with 200 to 200,000+ employees

Intellectual Property

Entefy's IP portfolio includes 100s of combined trade secrets and patents

250,000 Hours

Entefy's investment in advanced R&D to create its core multisensory AI platform

Solve high value business problems with Entefy

Decision & Insights

Instantly answer complex questions, data-driven style

Processes & Workflows

Automate your way to 15,000x efficiency

Teamwork & Collaboration

Gain productivity and work happily

"By 2025, 70% of organizations will have operationalized AI architectures due to the rapid maturity of AI orchestration initiatives."

- Gartner

Success stories

Our customers get results and here are a few examples:

Multinational Bank

AI identification of redundant workflows across massive operations

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Global Equipment Manufacturer

Root cause assignment with machine learning in under 1/10th of a second

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Global Pharma Co.

Technical analysis cycles reduced from weeks to seconds

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Cryptocurrency Fund 

Superior alpha using instant coin price predictions

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Global Retailer & Manufacturer

Smarter costing decisions and sourcing with end-to-end visibility

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Financial Institution

15,000x improved efficiency over legacy evaluation processes

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Semiconductor Services Co.

Automatic detection of new deviation patterns for improved yield analysis

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Media & Entertainment Conglomerate

Unmatched detection capabilities for massive video libraries

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Global Data Center Provider

Instant detection of anomalous activity within complex infrastructure

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3 Core technologies powering Entefy's multisensory AI system


The EASI Subscription program is designed to provide customers with ongoing priority access to the 4 essential components needed to deliver AI research, training, evaluations, architecture & design, PoCs (proof of concepts), prototypes, advanced applications, automation, and more.

At no additional cost, the EASI Subscription also includes applicable licenses for the full breadth of Mimi AI capabilities and software applications as well as Mimi infrastructure dedicated specifically to the customer.