Distinctive technology and disruptive business model to help your organization meet its potential


Scientists and engineers worldwide contributing to Entefy's unique multisensory AI technology

10+ Years

Of advanced research powering every implementation


Of trade secrets and patents combined in the Entefy IP portfolio

Leading through differentiation

At Entefy, we believe leadership is about “Firsts,” “Mosts,” and “Bests.” It’s a foundational concept for our team.

Today’s AI market is broad, noisy, confusing, and highly fragmented. Its activity is reminiscent of other emerging technical disruptions in the past where hype can exceed results, cloaked by enthusiasm and lack of clarity.

One of the best ways we’ve found to combat the noise and deliver on our leadership ethos is to focus on solving very difficult problems that have the potential for significant impact. 

Along this journey, Entefyers have needed to engineer new technologies and ways of doing business. This includes many market-first technologies developed exclusively by Entefy. Our IP portfolio includes domain-relevant trade secrets as well as a growing suite of patents in important areas of artificial intelligence, digital communication, search, cybersecurity, data privacy, automation, and more.

Why do customers choose Entefy?

Generalizability & Transferability

Entefy’s fully configurable 5-Layer system powers intelligence across the entire enterprise, regardless of data type or format.


10x Faster than competing options.

Reduced Technical Complexity & IT Headaches

Eliminating the need to implement and manage dozens of different point solutions to transform the business.

Combinatorial Intelligence

Unique expertise to process signals across diverse structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data—text, images, videos, audio files, tabular data.


Alleviating the need for heavy resourcing and costs with each implementation.

Flexible Deployment Options

Entefy private cloud, managed public cloud, or on premise at customer.

Select Entefy innovations, capabilities, and benefits:

  • Key innovation in AI context management
  • Core technologies/inventions protected by patents & trade secrets
  • 1st Universal Communicator
  • A single data pipeline capable of combinatorial data intelligence processing 
  • Technology capability to start and finish AI tasks across different devices and OSes
  • Leveraged intelligence and automation components across projects and use cases to reduce customer’s build and maintenance costs over time
  • Human-AI multitasking
  • EASI Subscription—Bundled Entefy AI-optimized compute infrastructure, models, software, and multifaceted expertise in one convenient monthly subscription package
  • Limitless flexibility with 3 deployment options for Mimi AI services
  • Avoiding conflict of interest with customers 
  • AI-powered universal search across multiple data types
  • Automated Data Scientist (A.D.S.)
  • 1st Dynamic smart encryption technology (A.P.C.) enabling granular access control even at pixel level
  • Technical and operational agility


Mimi AI Engine

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Entefy 5-Layer Platform

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Entefy App Framework

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Inventions & Patents

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