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The Entefy App Framework is designed to streamline the process of developing, releasing, and maintaining AI-powered applications. Advanced AI software and intelligent automation are reliant on algorithms and machine learning models which can learn or evolve over time. Machine learning in software introduces a level of complexity that necessitates a different development lifecycle from that of traditional software. With built-in controls for modern security and data privacy, even the most sensitive applications are made better with Entefy’s next generation architecture.

The Entefy App Framework is highly modular with a robust library of configurable services and components that are pre-built for speed, scale, and consistency. Reusability of modules not only saves time, but also help increase performance quality and consistency across applications. The combination of Entefy’s 3 core technologies—Mimi AI Engine, Entefy 5-Layer Platform, and Entefy App Framework—create a powerful system to take full advantage of machine intelligence and automation in business operations.

  • Transaction Manager
  • Data Flow Controller
  • API Sync Adapter Library
  • UMO Library
  • MAIS Generator
  • AI Meta Handler
  • Workflow Registry
  • Event Schema Manager
  • Mimi Performance Monitor
  • Adaptive Privacy Controls
  • Media Source Manager
  • Document Source Manager
  • E-Vault
  • DMS Suite
  • Text Portal
  • Descriptive Pooling Service Library
  • TinyBuild Service
  • L1 & L2 I/O Services
  • Integration Monitor
  • Patrol Validation
  • Event Broker
  • Data2Graph
  • Entefy Authentication
  • Mimi Visualization Library
  • And many more

Entefy App Framework in action

Entefy’s applications and automation products are highly configurable and designed to work independently or as part of an integrated workflow with other systems. See below six examples of Mimi AI applications built using our 3 core technologies.


Mimi AI Engine

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Entefy 5-Layer Platform

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