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“By 2030, AI is expected to expand the global economy by $13 trillion.”

– McKinsey Global Institute

Work smarter, not harder

Entefy’s Mimi AI applications and automation products are highly configurable and elastic in architecture. They provide robust features to help you optimize every corner of your business at scale with unprecedented speed. Entefy products and solutions are designed to work independently or as part of an integrated workflow with other systems.

Optimizing every corner of your business

Welcome to next-gen intelligence for every corner of your organization. Entefy technology powers a number of intelligent applications and capabilities, allowing businesses the opportunity to leverage data to work smarter, not harder. With Entefy, you can dramatically improve functional efficiency, accelerate digital transformation at your organization, and deliver on the promise of the intelligent enterprise.

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Highlighted Mimi AI Applications
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Digital Supply Chain Hub

More than ever, today’s global supply chains require modular smart applications and digital automation systems to ensure efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and resiliency. The COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing market volatility, and the shift in consumer and business behavior, has put a tremendous stress on production, logistics, inventories, and retail in ways that were hard to imagine only a few years ago. Mimi AI Digital Supply Chain Hub unifies a rich set of features designed to streamline operations and supply chain management across the many links in the process—from planning to manufacturing to delivery and logistics, the new reality demands.

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Credit & Risk Decisioning

For retail and online banks, credit unions, and specialty lenders, speed and accuracy matters. While there are plenty of organizations that continue to rely on manual processes or legacy software to support lending and risk, many are beginning to adopt machine intelligence as a necessary tool to compete and lower costs. Mimi AI Credit & Risk Decisioning uses its patented technology to fully automate lending decisions, improve portfolio performance, and reveal revenue opportunities previously missed. Leverage explainable AI to provide visibility and gain confidence in each automated decision.

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Report Analyzer

The future of productivity is being defined by replacing laborious and time-consuming manual work with automation and machine intelligence. In organizations where proper document processing and robust knowledge management are essential to everyday operations, hyperautomation and multimodal AI processing of diverse files (including text-rich docs, PDFs, images, and spreadsheets) can generate new capabilities and insights. Mimi AI Report Analyzer helps users consolidate data from diverse sources, automate the discovery of valuable insights, visualize patterns or anomalies in 2D and 3D space, and instantly move from stale data to dynamic decisions and actions.

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Our mission is to save people time so they can live and work better. So, we created Mimi AI Communicator built on Entefy’s universal interaction technology—a new class of intelligent message and file handling utilities that solves app-overload, inbox-overload, notification-overload, and even the “I-can’t-find-it-because-I-don’t-know-where-it-is-and-search-isn’t-helping-me” problem. At the heart of Mimi AI Communicator is the multisensory Mimi AI Engine, enabling hyper-personalized user experiences across apps and integrated services for individuals and teams alike. Mimi AI Communicator is the ideal productivity hub for the enterprise, bringing together people, smart devices, and API services in a single application.

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Automated Data Scientist

A big challenge facing enterprises today is finding key insights hidden within large, complex structured data. The complexity is due in large part to the limitless variability in data structures and formats. Enter Automated Data Scientist (A.D.S.), a self-supervised feature evaluation engine that works without any human training. Purposefully built for data science teams dealing with highly dimensional structured data, A.D.S. uncovers everything from anomalies and multi-point correlations to patterns, trends, and even root cause with unprecedented scale and speed. A.D.S. is an invaluable utility that can transform your data science lifecycle, performing months or years of manual effort in just seconds.

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Crypto Market Intelligence

Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold 24/7/365 and subject to significant volatility. Keeping track of all the relevant pricing trends, “alt-coin” activity, trading pairs, and errant tweets around the world is an impossible task for any individual. Mimi AI Crypto Market Intelligence manages all that activity and complexity, so you don’t have to. Monitor crypto exchange transactions in real-time, analyze market news, social media, and more to support human traders, funds, and financial systems with minute-by-minute price forecasts, market sentiment analysis, and buy-sell recommendations across a multi-coin portfolio.

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