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Time to Change

We care about one thing: saving people time so they can live and work better. To make it happen, we needed to engineer new technologies. So far, that includes a suite of domain relevant trade secrets and a growing number of pending and awarded patents.

But talking about engineering and intellectual property doesn’t give the full picture of how our technology makes a difference. Read more about our Mimi AI Engine, Entefy 5-Layer AI Platform, Entefy App Framework, and Innovation Services.

Trade Secrets & Patents

Entefy holds a rich IP portfolio in software and artificial intelligence, spanning 100s of trade secrets and patents combined. Entefy’s intellectual property serve to strengthen our core technology, protect our business, and better serve our customers.

Examples of core innovation areas

Unstructured Data Understanding

Data Privacy & Security

Multi-Channel Communication

Software Automation & Orchestration

Reinventing Digital

Entefy’s proprietary technology is built on key inventions in a number of important digital domains including artificial intelligence, digital communication, search, cybersecurity, data privacy, and automation. 

Select Entefy patents awarded by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)

Patent Numbers:

 10,761,910  |  10,606,871  |  10,606,870  |  10,587,585  |  10,587,553  |  10,491,690  |  10,410,000  |  10,395,047  |  10,394,966  |  10,353,754  |  10,305,683  |  10,169,597  |  10,169,447  |  10,169,300  |  10,135,764  |  10,110,585  |  10,055,384  |  10,037,413  |  9,990,513  |  9,985,933  |  9,930,002  |  9,843,543  |  9,819,621  |  9,639,600  |  9,594,827 


Mimi AI Engine

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Entefy 5-Layer Platform

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Entefy App Framework

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Key Differentiators

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