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In today’s world of information overload and digital complexity, our natural human abilities to separate signal from noise are no longer sufficient. Mimi AI Communicator is built on Entefy’s universal interaction technology—a new class of intelligent message and file handling utilities that solves app-overload, inbox-overload, notification-overload, account-overload and even the “I-can’t-find-it-because-I-don’t-know-where-it-is-and-search-isn’t-helping-me” problem. As a first of its kind intelligent application, Mimi AI Communicator utilizes Entefy’s patented technology to merge digital communication with multisensory AI and cognitive computing. This enables seamless digital interaction by and between people, smart devices, and API services. Use Mimi AI Communicator to:

  • Reduce the technical complexity of your digital universe
  • Unify the communication and collaboration experience in real-time without having to hop in and out of multiple applications and service
  • Move seamlessly from conversations to information retrieval to analytics, all from a single application
  • Experience Mimi multisensory AI intelligence across all your data including text-rich documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, and audio files
  • Centralize command of smart devices and third-party apps
  • Instantly summarize messages, attachments, files, and hyperlinked content
  • Consolidate multiple data sources (internal or external) including those from third-party cloud storage services
  • Gauge and boost your team’s productivity using rich administrative capabilities powered by smart dashboards and visualization

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All-in-one technology

Mimi AI Communicator is not just another point solution for team messaging, but an entire ecosystem of utility. It’s an all-in-one technology for multi-protocol, multi-format communication and digital asset sharing with built-in smart storage, data security, integrations, and administration.

Native multisensory intelligence

With Mimi AI Engine at its core, Communicator leverages Entefy’s full suite of machine learning modules enabling computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent search, automated data extraction, conversational interfaces, and more.

Robust integrations

Enable a “single pane of glass” for communication and knowledge management by connecting any number of available endpoints such as: email and chat systems, data warehouses, document libraries, IoT smart devices, API-enabled app services, and more.

Executive dashboard & reporting

Track productivity activity throughout the organization. Discover key metrics in real-time and monitor workforce interaction dynamics across geographies, business units, groups, and teams. With robust permissions and content filters, control who sees what and when.


“Technologies that improve communication and collaboration ‘could raise the productivity of knowledge workers by 20 to 25%’ unlocking $900B—$1.3T annually…”

– McKinsey


Key Features

Boost individual and team performance with the ideal productivity hub for the enterprise. Mimi AI Communicator includes a rich set of built-in features that are fully configurable to fit your specific use case or implementation requirements.

  • Multi-protocol communication (email, text, IM, live voice & video)
  • Multi-format communication (audio, photo, video, text)
  • Context-aware messaging with delay send and intelligent delivery scheduling
  • AI-powered smart file storage through Entefy Vault integration
  • Automatic archival, analysis, and storage of shared content such as message attachments and web links
  • Secure messaging and file sharing with smart encryption
  • A.P.C. (Adaptive Privacy Controls) for document-native real-time access permission controls, even at a pixel level
  • Fully integrated universal search to help locate information you didn’t even know existed
  • Cognitive AI enabling human-level conversations with third-party services and IoT smart devices
  • Enhanced SLA options available
  • Support for 3rd party services, apps, and IoT smart devices
  • Rich administrative capabilities, including access permission controls, activity monitoring, in-app notifications, and alerts
  • Automatic user state synchronization across sessions & devices
  • Built-in integration and support for other Entefy components, models, and services
  • Integrated Mimi AI Model Library
  • Support for customized models and algorithms using the Entefy MAIS framework
  • Support for multi-directional data synchronization with internal and external systems
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) with user directory services



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