Your Analytical AI, Generative AI, and Hyperautomation projects brought to life with one convenient monthly subscription bundle

EASI Subscription Program

Making business smart should be EASI. Learn more about Entefy's approach to advanced AI and hyperautomation using four integrated components.

EASI (Entefy AI Services Integration) is an Entefy exclusive and provides our business customers an all-in-one AI bundled package as part of a single monthly subscription package. 

In business, building and managing AI solutions for your important use cases can be challenging due to:

  • Variability in function, scope, and technical requirements
  • Complexity requiring cross-functional AI expertise which may not be readily available internally
  • Cost in terms of significant time and resources: people, money, compute, oversight, reporting

To resolve these challenges and support high value customer AI initiatives, Entefy has integrated four essential building components which consist of Mimi Compute Infrastructure, Mimi AI Models, Mimi Software, and our Multifaceted Expertise. These four components are needed to bring virtually any AI application or intelligent process automation to life.

The EASI Subscription program is designed to provide customers with ongoing priority access to all four of these essential components and deliver research, training, evaluations, architecture & design, PoCs (proof of concepts), prototypes, advanced AI applications, and more.

At no additional cost, the EASI Subscription also includes applicable licenses for the full breadth of Mimi AI capabilities and software applications as well as Mimi Compute Infrastructure dedicated specifically to the customer.

EASI Deliveries

The EASI Subscription program offers flexibility and convenience. As a bundled service, subscribers can take advantage of any number of available services including:  

  • AI/machine learning architecture & design
  • AI prototype application development
  • Data intelligence for structured/unstructured data
  • Advanced ML including supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning
  • Written problem statements and ROI analysis
  • Model and data evaluations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Monthly status reports
  • Executive AI Sessions


The EASI Subscription provides customers with a variety of rich benefits

Jumpstart high value AI/ML initiatives

Freedom to experiment without disrupting day-to-day operations

Uncover hidden value in data and operations

Lower R&D/development costs & risks

Accelerate digital transformation efforts

Leverage outcomes to inspire & educate teams

Establish AI leadership in your industry

Immediate technical team augmentation

 Key Features

  • Optimized for AI training and inference operations
  • Secure across physical, network, application, and data layers
  • Dedicated, single-tenant architecture built from the ground up
  • Delivered in partnership with Equinix and globally available on the ECX fabric

Mimi Compute Infrastructure

Private. Secure. AI optimized.

Mimi Compute Infrastructure is a private, AI-optimized compute and storage ecosystem that is hosted and managed by Entefy.

Unlike most public cloud environments that are designed with multi-tenant architecture, Entefy’s compute infrastructure is designed as a single-tenant private cloud. Each Entefy customer receives a dedicated provisioned environment with elastic compute capacity and appropriate Entefy Mimi AI services for their projects.

Advantages of our private, single-tenant infrastructure include security, reliability, maintainability, easy data migration, and convenient backups and recovery.

Entefy and Equinix, global leader in datacenter and interconnection services, have partnered to deliver a unique opportunity in this area with global availability on the ECX fabric.

 Key Features

  • MimiVision: Machine vision measured in billions of parameters
  • MimiLanguage: Context-aware natural language intelligence
  • MimiData: Time series and other data insights
  • MimiAudio: Valuable insight from audio/video data
  • MimiCognition: Human inspiration, machine precision

Mimi AI Models

Powering the world’s 1st end-to-end multisensory AI platform

Entefy’s flagship technology consists of a unified intelligence software platform which integrates Entefy’s MimiCognition, MimiVision, MimiLanguage, MimiAudio, MimiData, and their library of AI models to deliver 15,000x performance improvement to our customers.

Entefy 5-Layer Platform capabilities include a set of modular Mimi AI models and intelligent orchestration frameworks that work together to extract meaningful insights from diverse datasets, whether structured, unstructured, or both. Mimi AI models can be deployed in virtually endless combinations to provide critical AI functionality to practically any system.

Mimi AI Models also power Entefy A.D.S. (Automated Data Scientist), an automatic descriptive pooling and feature evaluation engine. A.D.S. is an invaluable utility to assess the correlative value in structured data, saving significant time and effort.


 Key Features

  • Flexible and user-friendly interfaces with modern data visualization library
  • Rich set of microservices to interpret user queries 
  • Full data management including easy import, export, and synchronization
  • Intelligent data pipeline and orchestration
  • Fully integrated with Mimi AI services
  • Designed for high-throughput, low latency, and durability

Mimi Software

Modular. Robust. Scalable.

Mimi Software is an important part of Entefy’s technology and brings machine intelligence to life via end-user applications with rich functionality and visualization. Mimi Software is fully configurable and allows for easy tailoring to any use case. 

With a vast library of existing components and services, Mimi Software accelerates time to production and alleviates the need for heavy resourcing and costs with each AI application implementation. 

Mimi Software consists of flexible frontend, backend, and data pipeline services that can scale to meet virtually any advanced AI application or process automation requirement. The underlying architecture is modular and allows for efficient handling of high-velocity and high-throughput data flows.  

 Key Features

  • Expertise in building intelligent systems with advanced analytics and automation capabilities
  • Proven track record in innovation and optimization 
  • Differentiated skills in combinatorial data intelligence
  • Systems thinking oriented team of engineers, scientists, designers, and executives with centuries of combined experience across industries and next-generation technologies 
  • End-to-end services covering architecture, infrastructure, application software, data engineering, advanced analytics, research, UI/UX, system integrations, security and governance, and more

Multifaceted Expertise

Full-stack AI solutions consulting

At Entefy, we’re obsessed with advanced computing and its potential to change lives for the better. Given our work in AI and machine learning over the years, we’ve had the good fortune of working with amazing people, inventing new things, and building systems that bring unprecedented efficiency and generate tangible ROI across business operations. This includes our work in the emerging, complex field of multisensory AI. 

Delivering AI solutions requires creating and refining algorithmic models, thoughtful process orchestration, user-friendly design, robust software, and a clear understanding of the business case at hand. In fact, from ideation to full production, it takes 18 skills to bring even a single AI solution to life.

Entefy’s team of experts in science, engineering, and business help customers translate business and use case objectives into powerful AI software applications. Our multifaceted staff can augment existing customer teams or work independently as a full-stack unit. Each EASI Subscription includes a built-in “Service Capacity” which can be tailored to customer need and requirements.


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