Future proof your business with Entefy's breakthrough AI technologies

Introducing the world’s 1st end-to-end multisensory AI system

3 Entefy core technologies come together seamlessly to deliver 15,000x performance improvement to our customers.


Foundational multisensory AI technology serving as the building block of AI transformation

Entefy’s Mimi AI Engine represents the next-generation in context-aware AI technology. It incorporates an integrated set of advanced AI technologies including MimiVision, MimiLanguage, MimiCognition, MimiAudio, and MimiData. Mimi AI models can be deployed in virtually endless combinations to provide critical AI functionality to practically any system or operation an organization envisions.

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Bringing AI to life at unprecedented scale and speed

Entefy’s fully-configurable AI software platform with 5 modular layers is designed to answer the enterprise demand for fast-deployable, cost-effective, easily adaptable, and scalable AI solutions across every functional area of their organization. From infrastructure to user interface, Entefy 5-Layer Platform is the only end-to-end multisensory AI software platform for the modern enterprise.

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Delivering on the promise of the intelligent enterprise with built-in models and software components 

The Entefy App Framework is designed to streamline the process of developing, releasing, and maintaining AI-powered applications. The framework is highly modular with a robust library of configurable services and components that are pre-built for speed, scale, and consistency. Take full advantage of machine intelligence and automation in business operations.

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Customers choose Entefy because it offers:

Generalizability & Transferability

Enable advanced intelligence and automation across the entire enterprise, regardless of use case, data type or format

Lightning Fast Time-to-Solution

10x Faster than competing options

Full Configurability

Alleviate the need for heavy resourcing and costs with each implementation

Reduced Technical Complexity & IT Headaches

Eliminate the need to implement and manage dozens of different point solutions to transform the business

Combinatorial Intelligence

Simultaneously process signals across diverse structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data—text, images, videos, audio files, tabular data

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy on the Entefy private cloud, a managed public cloud, or on-premise at customer site

Serving diverse industries and use cases

Entefy AI applications and solutions solve a variety of business problems across industries. With full configurability and flexible deployment options, you'll find unique uses for Entefy machine intelligence whatever your industry focus.


Key Differentiators

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