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Entefy’s new look

Since the idea for the company sprang to life on a napkin, we’ve been hard at work developing our ideas and our technology. Today, as Entefy enters its next phase of growth, we’re debuting our new logo, visual style, and exclusive content, all of which can be seen on our new website.

Much has happened since the very early days of Entefy. Big technological breakthroughs. Key product milestones. National user studies. User experience testing. And a long list of amazing individuals—team members, investors, partners, and advisors alike—joining us in our mission to seamlessly connect people with everyone and everything in their lives. All of this has positioned Entefy for a breakout year in 2017.

As you’re looking through, you’ll notice how we’ve done away with boxes, borders, and boundaries of all kinds—we want to emphasize the limitless potential and reach of this amazing, interconnected “smart world” we live in. Seamless interaction has always been the heart of what we do, and our new look reflects this.

If you detect hand-crafted precision in our new visual style, you have a good eye. Born from a pixel-by-pixel design process that included tireless iterations, our redesigned logo and visual theme represent an entirely new visual language for Entefy. One that embraces simplicity, efficiency, and power in this modern, hyper-connected world. You’ll see this new look on our website, on our social channels, on our team t-shirts—basically, everywhere you meet Entefy in-person or online. 

On behalf of all Entefyers, we thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about Entefy and the future of AI-powered digital interaction.