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Time is finally on your side

Time is our most valuable and least appreciated asset. Like bankers we spend time; spendthrifts waste time; speculators may be living on borrowed time. But no one has figured out how we can make time.

What’s interesting about time is that unlike every other scarce resource (soybeans, oil reserves, flu vaccines), nobody has any more of it than anybody else. Business executives and bus drivers have exactly 24 hours between sunrises. Working moms and deadbeat dads have seven days in their week—no more, no less. Young or old, rich or poor, post-doc or high school dropout, time is the great equalizer.

What if that changes? What if time can finally be on your side?

It’s impossible to bend the rules of physics to lengthen the working day, but we can eliminate the redundancies and overlaps, the break points and transitions. Imagine if being in Point A and being in Point B did not require commuting between them? If we never had to log off of one system in order to log on to another? Or wait for the copy machine to warm up or the coffee cup to cool down? It might seem like no more than a few seconds here and a few minutes there, until you add them up.

The biggest time sink of them all (after traffic jams and jury duty) is communications. The speed with which we can fire messages around the globe has been offset by the amount of time we spend accessing, organizing, and switching back and forth among them. In the old days, when we checked our messages once as we woke up and once again at bedtime, it didn’t matter. But when information flows into multiple devices continuously throughout the day, the game-changer becomes guiding them into a single channel.

Entefy is unlocking the technology that will add a 25th hour to your day, an eighth day to your week, an extra month to your year. How will you live it?