Our CEO’s message about the immigration ban

Dear Entefyers,

On Friday, the President signed an executive order suspending or delaying entry into the United States for citizens of 7 countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, including those citizens who currently hold green cards or visas for valid entry into the country.  

I know that many of you have already felt the repercussions of this executive order on loved ones, friends, and colleagues whose lives have taken an unexpected turn. And to all of you, I extend my greatest sympathies and also my firm commitment to keeping Entefy and its team strong during this period of uncertainty and confusion. 

Entefyers are global citizens who have travelled the world, done business in more than 50 countries, speak a dozen languages, and know something about how things are seen and done differently in other cultures. We are diversity personified. And so, despite this unnerving shift in policy and express abandonment of the core American values of openness and opportunity, Entefy will continue to support all no matter the country of your birth.

Early in Entefy’s young history, our small team sat together and penned our very first blog post to share with the world “Why we exist.” And in the process of communicating our mission, we realized something deeply embedded in our company’s culture and the DNA of everyone whom we proudly call an Entefyer. That, when you strip it all away; when you drill down to the very heart of why we do what we do every day, it is to stand defiantly in the face of greed and fear.

At the time, we were talking primarily about business at large—about how the leaders in our industry continue to complicate communication, increase advertising, violate user privacy, and so on. However, with global events such as these, I am reminded that it is our responsibility as a company, and as individuals, to stand against greed and fear, no matter where it comes from. 

And so, while I will not pretend to agree with this executive order, I am hopeful that the current administration will recognize the overbroad consequences of this policy and will act swiftly in bringing it to a close. 

As a global community, we have always been better together. And as an American, I know we can do better.