Entefy’s Jason Scharff co-hosts Menlo School’s first hackathon

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What were you doing in high school? Some of us may have been preoccupied with the latest trends or stressing out about exams. Our very own Jason Scharff, Software Engineering Intern and a high school Junior, envisioned encouraging students with computer science skills to develop tangible items to be used by others. Armed with this vision, he set off to co-host Menlo School’s first hackathon. Some 150 high school students came together from across California with a single objective: to code for 24 hours. Students with varying skill sets competed, from first time coders to a few with multiple hackathons under their belts.

“It actually works! A 24-hour period is able to actually convince people that programming is really a powerful tool,” said Jason.

Entefy’s co-founder, Brienne Ghafourifar, was invited to join the event as a judge.  “Our world, more than ever, needs risk-takers,” said Brienne. “We need the kind of people who are not afraid to try and fail. The kind of people who are willing to break things so that they can be rebuilt better. We need people like you.”

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of Menlo School’s first hackathon!