Entefy speaks at Harker about data science, machine learning, & predictive analytics

The Next Chapter of IoT: The Intelligence of Things, was the title of our co-founder Brienne Ghafourifar’s inspiring keynote address to a large audience at this year’s Harker School symposium. This year’s theme was, The Future of Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Harker’s unique STEM conference is where students along with inventive startups and industry experts gather to discuss scientific research and innovation in Silicon Valley.

Brienne’s speech explored the explosive growth of IoT meeting the deep human need to communicate, spawning an entirely new paradigm of interaction.  “Although machines will fast become the primary generators and analyzers of data, it will always be about people,” said Brienne. “Artificial intelligence helps bridge the gap between people and machines. Entefy is seizing this opportunity and investing heavily in AI-enabled interactions to deliver the first universal interaction platform for people, things, and services.”

The audience dove into these ideas by way of seeking answers to their provoked questions and Brienne concluded her speech with an inspiring quote by Alan Kay: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.