Entefy co-founders speak on the fast rise of multisensory AI and automation

Entefy sibling co-founders, Alston Ghafourifar and Brienne Ghafourifar, spoke with Yvette Walker, Executive Producer and Host of ABC News & Talk – Southern California Business Report, on the rise of the fast evolving domain of multisensory AI and intelligent process automation. The 1-hour segment included focused discussion on AI applications that help optimize business operations across a number of industries and use cases, including those relevant to supply chains, healthcare, and financial services. Watch the full interview.

In an in-depth conversation about business operational efficiency and optimization across virtually every corner of an organization, the Ghafourifars shared their views on the importance of digital transformation and the intelligence enterprise in volatile times like these. Alston mentioned that AI and machine learning is all about “augmenting human power, allowing machines to do jobs that were traditionally reserved for individuals. And many of those jobs aren’t things that humans should spend their time doing or they’re not things we’re perfectly suited to doing.”

For example, organizations grappling with supply chain challenges are benefitting from machine intelligence and automation. This includes AI-powered applications dealing with everything from sourcing to manufacturing, costing, logistics, and inventory management. “Research shows that many people are now interested in how things are made…all the way from raw materials to how they end up on the shelf or how they’re delivered,” Brienne said. This is ultimately impacting consumer behavior and purchase decisions for many.

This episode also included discussions on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In particular how AI-powered smart contracts and forecasting models can help reduce risks and increase potential return on investment (ROI).   

When it comes to AI, every organization is at a different point in their journey and readiness. Entefy’s technology platform, in particular, its multisensory AI capabilities, are designed to address digital complexity and information overload. To make this a reality, Entefy and its business customers are envisioning new ways to improve business processes, knowledge management system, as well as workflow and process automation.

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Entefy is an advanced AI software and process automation company, serving SME and large enterprise customers across diverse industries including financial services, health care, retail, and manufacturing.