Entefy awarded four new patents by USPTO

PALO ALTO, Calif. July 12, 2022. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues four new patents to Entefy Inc. Entefy’s newly granted patents represent a range of novel software and intelligent systems that serve to expand and strengthen the company’s core technology in communication, search, security, data privacy, and multimodal AI.

“These newly issued patents highlight our team’s effort and commitment in delivering value through innovation,” said Entefy’s CEO, Alston Ghafourifar. “As a company and as a team, we’ve been focused on developing technologies that can power society through AI and automation that is secure and preserves data privacy.”

Patent No. 11,366,838 for “system and method of context-based predictive content tagging for encrypted data” expands Entefy’s patent portfolio of AI-enabled universal communication and collaboration technology. This patent relates to multi-format, multi-protocol message threading by stitching together related communications in a manner that is seamless from the user’s perspective. This innovation saves users time in identifying, digesting, and acting on the ever-expanding volume of information available through modern data networks while maintaining data privacy.

Patent No. 11,366,839 for “system and method of dynamic, encrypted searching with model driven contextual correlation” expands Entefy’s intellectual property holdings in the field of privacy-preserving data discovery. The disclosure relates to ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy systems, where the server-side searching of user encrypted data is performed without accessing the underlying private user data. This technology preserves security and privacy of client-side encryption for content owners, providing highly relevant server-side search results via the use of content correlation, predictive analysis, and augmented semantic tag clouds.

Patent No. 11,366,849 for “system and method for unifying feature vectors in a knowledge graph” is representative of expansion of Entefy’s patent portfolio in the space of data understanding. The disclosure provides advanced AI-powered techniques for identifying conceptually related information across different data types, representing a significant leap in the evolution of data mapping and processing.

Entefy was also awarded Patent No. 11,367,068 for “decentralized blockchain for artificial intelligence-enabled skills exchanges over a network.” Expanding on Entefy’s core universal communication and multimodal machine intelligence technology, this new direction of technological development allows for AI-powered agents to learn and provide specific skills or services directly to end users or other digital agents through a blockchain-enabled marketplace. By leveraging smart contracts and other blockchain technologies, this invention lets individual products and systems communicate and share skills in an autonomous fashion with cost and resource efficiency in mind.

Entefy’s intellectual property assets span a series of domains from digital communication to artificial intelligence, dynamic encryption, enterprise search, multimodal machine intelligence and others. “As a company, we are committed to developing new technologies that can deliver unprecedented efficiencies to businesses everywhere,” said Ghafourifar. “The investment in our patent portfolio is an integral part of bringing our vision to life.”


Entefy is an advanced AI software and process automation company, serving SME and large enterprise customers across diverse industries including financial services, health care, retail, and manufacturing.