Entefy Announces 12 New Patent Filings; Deepens Stake in Intelligent Interaction Space

PALO ALTO, Calif., — Entefy, the communication and intelligent interaction technology startup, recently filed 12 new patent applications on its path to build the first intuitive technology that can help manage your entire digital life.

“Our focus is on developing new smart technologies that radically change the way people approach work, life, and everything in between,” says Alston Ghafourifar, Entefy’s CEO and Co-founder. “Among this latest set of patent filings are some of our team’s recent innovations aimed at creating a more personal digital experience using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Today’s digital ecosystem consists of 100+ trillion messages transmitted annually, more than 2.5 million applications in the app stores, and 200 billion smart machines projected by 2020. Entefy is the first to give users a single, dynamic interface to interact with what matters most to them in this vast digital ecosystem.

“We need a simple, unified means of managing each of the touch points in our digital lives,” states Co-founder Brienne Ghafourifar. “So, why not create an intelligent interaction platform for everything?”

The 12 additional patents filed represent a push forward for the smart system powering Entefy’s seamless experience. This suite of intellectual property for the company also consists of novel solutions to key market pain points in the areas of digital communication, search, as well as cyber security and privacy.

Entefy is rewriting the code of communication and digital interaction. We’re introducing the first technology to give you seamless access to your conversations, connections, smart things, and services from all of your favorite devices. Our Intelligent Interaction Platform provides a simple, focused communication experience that puts you at the heart of your hyper-connected world. Entefy is based in Palo Alto, California.

To learn more, please visit Entefy.com.

Contact information: pr@entefy.com