Brienne on the panel of judges at the Girls in Tech AMPLIFY pitch competition

Entefy’s own Co-Founder Brienne Ghafourifar was in San Francisco to serve as a judge at the Girls in Tech AMPLIFY pitch competition. At AMPLIFY, female founders pitch their startups on stage before a panel of judges consisting of Silicon Valley CEOs, CTOs, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Selected from 294 applications, the 10 finalists represented businesses focused on everything from advertising to healthcare, and security to CRM. The founders were competing for mentorship opportunities, office space, and that lifeblood of entrepreneurship—capital.

Brienne and the other judges evaluated the contestants’ 10-minute pitches and responses during rapid-fire Q&A sessions. The winner, Scollar, was announced at the end of the event when its founders were presented with a giant novelty check for $10,000.

Entefy celebrates Girls in Tech’s mission to support women entrepreneurs around the globe. Congratulations to the 10 AMPLIFY finalists, and a special round of applause to the winners from Scollar.