Brevity gets your emails across

You write the perfect email, hit send, and…wait. How long you wait depends on quite a few factors, according to results from the largest-ever study of email. Data shows 90% of people will respond to emails within a day or two if they intend to respond at all. So if you’re still waiting for a reply after 2 days, you’ll most likely not receive an answer. But luckily, the most common reply time is much quicker, just 2 minutes.

If you’re the average U.S. professional, you’re sending and receiving 110 emails daily. Two findings are useful for your work emails. Sending an email to a contact when they’re on the go is twice as effective as sending it when they’re at their desk. And if you’re looking for an in-depth reply, send your email early in the day. Morning responses tend to be longer than those in the afternoon.

Another email study provides a useful rule of thumb: the optimal length for an email is 50 to 125 words. Emails of that length receive a response 51% of the time. So, it’s brevity that gets your message across.

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