Want an extra hour in your day?

Days are getting longer. And we’re not talking about hours of sunlight following the Summer Solstice. Evidence from atomic clocks shows that the Earth’s rotation has been slowing imperceptibly for millions of years, by about a couple of milliseconds each year. In fact, when the diplodocus, the largest-ever land animal, roamed the Earth during the Jurassic Period, days were only 23 hours long. And looking ahead 200 million years, days will be 25 hours long

You can do quite a bit in an hour. Catching up with a friend over lunch takes about an hour. So does a trip to the gym or whipping up a batch of your favorite dumplings from scratch. It’s also about how long it takes to receive 14 new messages in your email inbox

One thing is true: almost everyone would be happy with an extra hour in their day. What would you do with yours?

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