Pop quiz! Can you spot the AI-generated painting?

When you think about artificial intelligence, you probably don’t think “art” before, say, predictive analysis or self-driving cars. But there are AI systems that have been designed to generate paintings, music, even poetry. We shared some real-life examples of AI art in our article “Can artificial intelligence learn creativity?

AI algorithms won’t exactly challenge the legacy of Picasso or Hemingway any time soon. That is until you consider the pace of advances in AI. It’s possible that someday soon we’ll see legitimate creative work that deserves the label of capital-A for “Art.” After all, it wasn’t too long ago that an AI system trouncing a chess master or winning at poker seemed far-fetched.

Once you’ve spotted (or missed!) the AI artist in our graphic, check out other vibrant abstract paintings by the AI system called AARON, which has been painting since the 1970’s