Entefy's website

Our new website spotlights Entefy’s intelligence and productivity solutions

What is the Mimi AI Platform and how does it boost productivity? How does Entefy Communicator address the information overload that complicates our digital lives? What do Entefy’s 48 combined filed and issued patents cover?

You’ll find answers to these questions and more on Entefy’s new website. Dive deeper into the company’s mission to save people time so they can live and work better, and learn more about the advanced machine intelligence solutions our team has developed to make it happen.

Here are highlights of what’s new.

Entefy data sheets

Downloadable access to data sheets on Entefy intelligence and productivity solutions:

Entefy Illuminate

AI-powered knowledge platform

Entefy Find

Universal search and discovery technology

Entefy Insight

Valuable data intelligence on every screen

Entefy Communicator

All-in-one communication and collaboration

Mimi SmartAgent

“Show me the future of artificial intelligence”

Entefy Secure

Next-gen cybersecurity and adaptive privacy controls

Entefy Visualize

Intelligent data monitoring dashboard

Demo signup

For industry leaders and decisionmakers interested in scheduling a technology demo, we’ve added signup forms to get you started.


A new modular design to help you navigate the fast-changing worlds of artificial intelligence, digital communication, search, cybersecurity, data privacy, IoT, and blockchain.

And be sure to check out the Entefy blog for data-driven insights on all these topics and more.