Big data

Here’s a high-flying stat about big data

There’s a lot of data flying around these days. Literally. Commercial jets are continuously generating data while they’re in the air: log files, GPS info, data recorders, audio files, the list goes on. In fact, a single 787 Dreamliner produces 500 gigabytes of data every time it flies. That’s the same amount of data it would take to stream music or video on a device for over 31 days. 

This tells us a lot about the extent of today’s global data explosion. With 553 Dreamliners delivered to airlines to date, all those 500 gigabyte flights add up to 276.5 terabytes of data on days the whole fleet takes to the air. 

All this data creation is a reason artificial intelligence is transforming industries around the world. One of the strengths of AI is its ability to identify patterns and meaning in piles of data. Which becomes critically important as big data gets bigger by the day.Entefy’s enFacts are illuminating nuggets of information about the intersection of communications, artificial intelligence, security and cyber privacy, and the Internet of Things. Have an idea for an enFact? We would love to hear from you.