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Four new patents issued to protect Entefy intelligent search and cyber privacy technologies

USPTO awards Entefy new patents for core inventions in intelligent search and cyber privacy

PALO ALTO, Calif. October 31, 2019. Entefy Inc. inventors have been awarded 4 new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering company’s innovations in areas of intelligent search and cyber privacy.

Patent No. 10,353,754 describes the “application programming interface analyzer for a universal interaction platform.” This API analyzer acts as an intelligent service discovery mechanism to identify and automatically determine the formats and protocols necessary to enable natural language communication between web sites, smart devices, other API-accessible services, and users of Entefy’s core intelligence systems.

“In today’s fast-moving tech landscape, users expect smart natural language interfaces to be available for a broad range of services and IoT devices,” said Entefy’s CEO, Alston Ghafourifar. “This API analyzer technology can power a number of AI-based use cases involving advanced people-to-service communication.”

Continuing with Entefy’s advanced work in search and knowledge management, USPTO awarded Entefy Patent No. 10,394,966 which describes “systems and methods for multi-protocol, multi-format, universal searching.” This invention works in concert with Entefy’s patented universal message object (UMO) structure to manage complex mapping between diverse datatypes and corresponding user preferences—for example, learning how even the same word can differ in meaning between various users, thus enabling better precision in search.

Entefy’s Adaptive Privacy Control (APC) technology enables new levels of data protection across a number of popular data types and formats. APC provides individual users with unprecedented control over the visibility and shareability of their content. With APC, users can encrypt even small bits of information within larger files such as their name in an important document, their social security number in a spreadsheet, or even a small region of pixels in a photograph. With Patent No. 10,395,047 and Patent No. 10,410,000, protection for APC technology now includes even more options in complex media such as audio and video files.

“Entefy has always considered invention as a prime part of our culture and a true necessity as we work to advance the state of the art in our industry,” said Mr. Ghafourifar. Today’s update is the latest in a series of patent announcements, including earlier Entefy patents that cover the Company’s technologies related to its universal interaction platform, APC, and secure document collaboration.


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