European health and lifestyle innovators visit Entefy

Northern California is famous for many things, but two in particular stand out: health-conscious lifestyles and Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of technology and innovation. To learn more about both of these topics, a group of European innovators visited the Bay Area on a “design for life” tour. Entefy was one of the destinations on their tour.

The inspiration for the tour was the need to bridge today’s rising awareness of healthy living with novel new products and services that support and enrich people’s lives. On the itinerary were stops at local universities and farmers markets, including a stop at Stanford University’s to attend a lecture by Barry Katz, an Entefy advisor and Fellow at IDEO.

The lively and friendly meeting at Entefy kicked off with a warm welcome from our team. Our CEO Alston Ghafourifar then led a discussion of Entefy’s philosophy of life-compatible technology. He shared some behind-the-scenes insights about starting and growing a technology company in Silicon Valley’s hyper-competitive environment. 

The Q&A session covered issues tied to the guests’ backgrounds in industries including food & beverage, public health, education, and sports. One theme was the importance of quality and value in engineering people-centric products—a core belief at Entefy.