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Entefyers on Entefy

Entefy is growing—teamcapitalproduct and inventions. And we’re seeking talented, amazing people to join our venture. You can check out our open listings here.

Here’s the thing with job listings: they can’t tell you everything. Even detailed job descriptions paint a two-dimensional picture, at best. But when you’re considering going to work for a company you have three-dimensional questions. What’s it really like to work there? What’s a typical day like? What sort of support will you get from the team?

To give you answers to questions like these, we went straight to the source: the Entefyers themselves. Today, we’re adding four short videos to our Careers page. The videos feature interviews with some of the Entefyers who work on different teams and in different roles. Check them all out to get an in-depth look at life at Entefy.

Entefy is like an extended family, and many of us joined Entefy through referrals. So if you know someone who might be interested in tackling one of the biggest challenges in tech, please share a link or send them our way.