Entefy granted new patents in support of its advanced communication and remote workforce technology

Entefy expands its IP portfolio with a set of newly awarded patents by the USPTO 

PALO ALTO, Calif. May 31, 2020. Entefy Inc. continues to expand its intellectual property portfolio with new trade secrets and newly issued patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Entefy’s patents represent a range of novel software and intelligent systems that serve to strengthen the company’s core technology, protect its business, and better serve its customers.

“We recognize the value and need for innovation, especially as current economic, social, and health crises are ushering in a new normal,” said Entefy’s CEO, Alston Ghafourifar. “As a company and as a team, we’ve been focused on the type of smart technologies that can power our society at the complex intersection of people, data, and processes. Particularly the type of technologies essential to the remote workforce.”

Expanding on Entefy’s universal communication and collaboration technology, Patent No. 10,587,553 and Patent No. 10,606,871 offer improved methods to simultaneously manage conversations across multiple channels or formats. This set of Entefy capabilities is designed to utilize robust, multimodal machine intelligence to analyze conversations, communication patterns, and individual/group behavior in order to increase worker productivity, streamline knowledge management, and reduce “inbox overload.” For businesses, this technology can also provide managers with unparalleled insights and recommendations regarding organizational dynamics and productivity.

Patent No. 10,587,585 describes the “system and method of presenting dynamically-rendered content in structured documents” and Patent No. 10,606,870 describes the “system and method of dynamic, encrypted searching.” These patents contribute to Entefy’s overarching work in AI-powered search and knowledge management technologies that preserve data privacy while sharing assets.

Entefy was also awarded Patent No. 10,491,690, which describes the “distributed natural language message interpretation engine.” This engine offers specific technical advancements, including Entefy’s AI-powered Message Understanding Service, which can improve performance of natural language-based systems such as digital personal assistants, chatbots, or other conversational AI services.

Entefy has developed an exclusive set of intellectual property assets spanning a series of domains from digital communication to artificial intelligence (AI), dynamic encryption, enterprise search, and others. “As a company, we invest heavily in R&D to create new technologies that can address high value business and consumer needs,” said Ghafourifar. Today’s update is the latest in a series of patent announcements, including earlier Entefy patents that cover the Company’s universal interaction platform, intelligent search capabilities, and APC technology.


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