Entefy co-founders speak on AI and its implications for governance Boards

The landscape of corporate governance is undergoing a significant transformation. Artificial intelligence, including generative AI, is rapidly weaving its way into the fabric of business operations, and boardrooms are no exception. From strategic decision-making to risk management, AI and machine learning present a unique set of opportunities and challenges for boards of directors. 

On this topic, Entefy sibling co-founders, Alston Ghafourifar and Brienne Ghafourifar, were invited to speak at Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange (SVDX) to explain the very nature of AI today, its potential to disrupt business and industry, and how board directors can wrap their heads around the implications. This exclusive 1-hour session focused on the intricate relationship between AI and corporate governance, exploring its impact on board composition, function, and oversight. 

An organization’s governance board has an obligation to ensure that operations are aligned with strategy and safeguarded against potential disruptions or competitive threats. This SVDX session was designed to equip board members and corporate leaders with the knowledge necessary to harness the power of AI technology and develop AI strategies for responsible and effective governance.

During the session, Alston and Brienne shared their experiences and perspectives on how AI can augment a board’s capabilities and identify potential risks associated with its implementation and use. Among other topics, they proposed best practices for navigating this complex and ever-evolving technology landscape. 


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