Entefy Co-Founder Brienne Ghafourifar explores the value of time at the SJSU Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium

What is the most precious thing in the world? A range of answers come to mind. Family. Adventure. Health. Money. Yet one answer links all possible answers: Time. As in having the time to do anything and everything we want to accomplish in our lives. Time was the central theme of Entefy Co-Founder Brienne Ghafourifar’s presentation at the Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium at San Jose State University’s Davidson College of Engineering.

The Symposium connects Davidson faculty and engineering students with prominent tech industry leaders to explore key trends impacting the technology market and the world at large. Brienne used her theme of the value of time to discuss her accelerated education and entrepreneurial journey as a Co-Founder of Entefy. She explained how the company is on a quest to achieve something monumental in the realm of human productivity: saving people time so they can live and work better. A perpetual optimization challenge common to all domains of engineering and business.

As you’d expect from an audience of industrial, mechanical, and software engineers, the question-and-answer portion of the event was lively and wide-ranging. To a question about the lessons Brienne has learned as an entrepreneur, she shared not only her experience but also her mantra: “Never stop learning. You have to earn your seat every day.” One student raised the topic of the AI “singularity,” the shorthand phrase for an AI system that achieves and quickly surpasses human intelligence across multiple dimensions. Brienne reiterated Entefy’s viewpoint that the promise of AI is found in how well it augments human capabilities, allowing more people to do more things in less time. After nearly a half hour of Q&A time, the event concluded with a lively sidebar of friendly conversation amongst the attendees.

Entefy welcomes opportunities like the Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium to connect with like-minded engineers and entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage new technologies to make the world a better place.