Entefy CEO Alston Ghafourifar speaks on enterprise AI readiness at event hosted by Franklin Templeton Investments

Entefy CEO Alston Ghafourifar spoke to a group of international institutional investors hosted by Franklin Templeton Investments in San Francisco, California. The event focused on the future of AI, its impact and value creation, as well as the importance of data optimization for organizations. 

In an in-depth conversation about organizational bottlenecks for building effective AI solutions, Alston expressed his view on the importance of a company’s commitment—

especially at the executive level—to digital transformation and the intelligent enterprise. Realizing the full potential of AI and machine intelligence within the enterprise, closely resembles any other type of organizational change. “If you don’t have the organizational will to address the data readiness problem from a system’s perspective then you’re not going to actually be leading the stack,” Alston stated. 

In an effort to transform idle, dark data into valuable insights, enterprises worldwide are looking into ways AI can make their operations more efficient, enhance their customer experience, and ultimately become more competitive. This pursuit is occurring across a broad spectrum of industries as well as functional departments within organizations. Underlying this activity is a paradigm shift in how companies perceive the role of data and AI to optimize productivity and business processes.

When it comes to AI and data, every organization is at a different phase of readiness. Alston shared that, at Entefy, we spend time to understand where an organization is in terms of their AI journey. “Are they just talking about it?” Or do they have “at least a process for how they aggregate, transform, and move information throughout the system?” Entefy’s advanced multimodal AI is designed to solve the information overload problem for organizations large and small. And to do this, we along with our customers are reimagining knowledge management, workflow orchestration, and process automation.

We thank the event organizers, speakers, and attendees for making this event possible. Special thanks to Ryan Biggs from Franklin Templeton Investments who moderated the discussion.