Patent certificate

Entefy Announces the Issuance of an Important Patent for Encrypted Search

New patent strengthens the data security and search capabilities of Entefy’s core technology, deepening its ability to protect users’ privacy

PALO ALTO, March 16, 2017 — Entefy Inc. announced today that the company has been issued a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent No. 9,594,827 describes a “System and Method of Dynamic, Encrypted Searching.” 

This newly issued patent represents encryption technology that offers “the increased security and privacy of client-side encryption to content owners, while still providing for highly relevant server-side search-based results via the use of content correlation, predictive analysis, and augmented semantic tag clouds for the indexing of encrypted data.”

In January 2017, Entefy announced the filing of 13 additional new patents, bringing its total filed patents to 31 in the areas of digital communication, artificial intelligence (AI), search, file sharing, security, and data privacy. Entefy’s innovation-first culture has attracted team members from around the world to work on developing the first-ever AI-powered universal communicator, a smart platform built on advanced computer vision and natural language processing technologies. 

“Innovation is critical to Entefy in the pre-launch stage of our development. To overcome the many technical challenges our team is addressing requires the development of new technologies in AI, search, and data security. It was rewarding to learn the USPTO had issued this patent,” said Entefy CEO Alston Ghafourifar. “We are expecting additional issuances this year and beyond.”

Entefy’s universal communicator is designed to help people live and work better in today’s digital world. It simplifies everyday interactions between people, services, and smart things. 


Entefy is building the first universal communicator—a smart platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you seamlessly interact with the people, services, and smart things in your life—all from a single application that runs beautifully on all your favorite devices. Our core technology combines digital communication with advanced computer vision and natural language processing to create a lightning fast and secure digital experience for people everywhere.