Don’t bother planning your career too far into the future

If you’ve been in your chosen career for a few years or more, you’ve probably experienced a lot of change. It could be in the tools you use to get your job done, or the skills you’re using most, or how frequently you work remotely. 

The speed at which technology is developing makes it hard to predict what changes lie ahead. After all, go back a decade or more and there’s little talk about Mobile App Developers. Or Social Media Managers. Or Cloud Computing Specialists. In fact, by one estimate, 65% of children in elementary school right now will work in jobs that don’t yet exist. Talk about dream jobs.

And it’s not just technology’s impact to jobs, but to work itself. College graduates entering the workforce today will job hop at twice the rate of a generation ago. Digital platforms have created new choices for independent workers in the so-called gig economy, which has expanded to include 20 to 30% of the workforce. 

Yet for all the variables and unknowns, at the end of the day, the only thing constant is change. Entefy’s enFacts are illuminating nuggets of information about the intersection of communications, artificial intelligence, security and cyber privacy, and the Internet of Things. Have an idea for an enFact? We would love to hear from you.