Cars collect data about you too

The amount of data self-driving cars generate is staggering. One industry insider estimates that 1 million self-driving cars will generate as much data as 3 billion people. Last year in the U.S. alone, one major car company collected 4,220 terabytes of data from customers’ cars. To put that into perspective, 99% of Comcast users don’t use up the one terabyte allotted to them each month

Data collection by self-driving cars is a growing market. Why do car companies collect data? Some data provides insight into how the car is running. The rest reveals what people are doing and where they’re going, information that’s sought after by retailers, marketers, governmental organizations, and more. McKinsey forecasts that this type of data collection could become a $450 to $750 billion market by 2030.

As things stand today—whether you’re browsing online, walking past a store front, even driving a car—it’s hard to get around the fact that everything we do generates data, and that data finds its way into growing resale markets.  

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