the future of conversation
Meet Entefy A.T.U.M.
The 1st Adaptive Threading Universal Messenger
Rule your world with Entefy A.T.U.M. All your conversations, files, and friends in one happy place.

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better together
Some things were just destined to be together.
Now, for the first time ever, your email, text, IM, voice, video, and social messages, content, and contacts can work in harmony.
it’s magic
All you need to make a conversation happen is “who” and “what.” Forget “how.”
Compose any type of message in one magic box, then let Entefy A.T.U.M. intelligently deliver it.
fast. secure. free.
Keep your conversations going instantly and privately on any device or operating system.
All for free.

Entefy is a Palo Alto startup that is rewriting the code of communication. We’re building a pioneering technology that, for the first time ever, will allow people to access every meaningful connection in their lives through a single, people-centric experience.

Human beings thrive when they are able to communicate effectively with one another. Every great achievement of our civilization has depended on the ability to share what we know, think, and feel. Now more than ever, technology allows us to leverage this power to amazing heights. However, our conversations are muddled by noise and overload, with more than 66 trillion emails, 18 trillion IMs, and 10 trillion texts sent annually.

Taking notice of the chaos of this crowded digital ecosystem, siblings Alston and Brienne Ghafourifar decided that the average person had no single viable solution to harness their digital communications. Thus, the spirit of Entefy and the concept of Entefy A.T.U.M. (Adaptive Threading Universal Messenger) were born.


Our team works tirelessly to create beautiful products that make the complex simple and transform chaos into harmony. Ultimately, we care about two things: people and technology. And we’re obsessed with helping them work better together.